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Shhhh, Don't Talk to the Police

Brent Allan Winters (91 pages)


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Of the hundreds of jailed men I have known, writes Brent, —some guilty, many others innocent of the charge against them—over half would have never been convicted without their own words having been used against them.

This booklet discusses the reasons for the right to keep silent, that is, why the Fifth Amendment was added to our Constitution to protect this right. Though always a right needful for freedom, never has its use been more needful for freedom than now.

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A good booklet on the subject... He lists and explains eight substantial reasons why you should never talk to the police or other government agents. —Joel McDurmon, Ph.D. Pretoria University

The childish refrain, "If you have nothing to hide, you will never be afraid to speak," is bad advice for two reasons: first, because God sometimes desires silence nonetheless . . . second, prosecutors are skilled at twisting innocent and even exonerating words against the one having spoken them. —Brent Allan Winters