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Magna Carta (Audiobook Series)

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By Brent Allan Winters

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Brent's audio series, delivered on radio—beginning 15 June 2015 and continuing throughout the rest of that year—commemorates the 800th year since the signing of Magna Carta, on 15 June 1215.

This series comprises 35 sessions of audio lecture, expounding in simple terms Magna Carta, clause-by-clause, showing the present-day applicability of its timeless first principles.

Although Magna Carta is not the beginning of our engine of freedom called the common-law; it is, nevertheless, a most-solid stepping stone of our common law's history.

Magna Carta, along with Edward Coke's commentary explaining Magna Carta, became the writings upon which the founders of the United States relied more heavily than any others, to establish our nation.

To know and understand Magna Carta is to not only reach back before Magna Carta and learn the Anglo-Dane fountain of our common-law of the land—including the northern nations' trial by Jury—, which Magna Carta sought to re-establish; but it is also to know the reasons behind that tandem set of common-law writs called the U.S. Declaration of '76 and United States Constitution.

A home-school father from Florida's Panhandle wrote the following:

I… recommend… Brent’s teaching series on Magna Carta. It’s approximately 35 sessions of instruction broken down into 15 minute installments. I just completed taking my family of seven through that series. Wow! A depth of excellent instruction of the 800+ year common-law underpinnings of our Declaration and Constitution.

—Home-School Father from Florida's Panhandle


Am listening to your series on the Magna Carta—and I can honestly say that for the first time I understand due process, habeas corpus and now am getting to grasp evidence more thoroughly.  Your going to the root of the word and explaining it really helps.  Am looking forward to listening to your other series's.

—Robert B.

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