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Brent Allan Winters—on the Liberal Arts (the Arts of Freedom):


What the ancients called the liberal arts are the the tools of freemanship: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. "Listening sharpens the ear, reading whets the understanding, writing orders the mind, and speaking sharpens the words: all this to slake one's thirst to know right so one can satisfy one's hunger to do right."

The learned man can understand what he hears and reads, say and write what he thinks, so he can do what he ought and teach others to do likewise.

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are a good start on the arts of freemanship:                         all three require seeing relations and drawing conclusions.

From Brent Allan Winters, Teach for Freemanship not Slavehood (1993), citing Milton Gregory, The Seven Laws of Teaching (1884). 


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