The Common Lawyer



There looks like an inevitable collapse of the West's global fiat money system coming as we watch the now rapid, growing exposure of the COVID-19 fraud, "the powers that be" are failing in their authoritarian efforts to create social and economic disaster designed to produce chaos and dislocations to serve their desired ends. They (the powers that be) are, true to form, resorting to the promotion of war to cover their crimes against humanity (this has always been their go-to default when their control tools fail to maintain the social order that serves them).  

While wars have worked in the past to give them cover (if you can call it "working") a continual series of wars has produced an endless rising cost in human suffering, death, and destruction, but nothing on the scale of what could break out now given the widespread nuclear capabilities of the likely combatants - those being principally but not solely, Russia, China, Iran, the United States, plus Pakistan and Israel, not to mention Turkey, which has U.S. nuclear bases in its territory; but Turkey is more allied with Russia than with its NATO partners.

The whole current scenario is a near-perfect analogy to that which led to WWI at the urging of the British elites, which were the world's dominant class of their day.  The object of that war was to isolate Germany and cripple its ability to compete economically and militarily with the English.