Course: Due Process

A Self-Directed Course


Course Description

This course follows the course of our common law, as the laws of nature unwritten and the laws of Nature's God written demand the progression of this course. Using these two volumes of the True Lawgiver's fundamental law we explore the only true foundation of our common law, which is the Fair Play of Due Process.

Hence, we hark back to the beginning and trace the True Lawgiver's uncovering of Due Process through time until the present.

The prerecorded course is presented in 16 sessions.

The course includes assignments delivered to registered participants by email.

Those who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Course Background

Magna Carta requires that no man's life, liberty, or property, shall be taken except according to Due Process, which is the Law of the Land. Our Constitution of the United States demands the same thing. Indeed, as Americans, we are to do nothing unless according to the process, that is the course, of our common law.

Due Process is the meaning of our Constitution's phrase "Law of the Land" of Article Six. Due Process is also the meaning of the Magna Carta's phrase "Law of the Land".

In fact, our common law does not merely include Due Process; our common law is fundamentally Due Process. Due Process is the process, the procedure, the course of our common law that is due and owing to all concerned. Accordingly, Due Process stresses not what ought to be done as much as how things ought to be done.

Accordingly also, the laws of Nature's God written stress that God's standards are not a list of laws but instead call God's standards the Way, the Paths, and the Course of Fair Play.