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Course: Militia of the Several States

Course begins 1 February 2024

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  • Sheriff Dar Leaf, Barry County, Michigan
  • Brent Allan Winters, Attorney at Law

Course Description

Our Constitution has four Militia Clauses that mandate the role of the Militia of the Several States.

Learn why the Militia of the Several States is not only the symbol of our freedom but also is our freedom's reality.

Course length is 12 weeks and meets online at 11am Eastern Time. All sessions are recorded.

Includes reference material Militia of the Several States by Brent Allan Winters.

Individual enrollment is $175.

Group Enrollment

Group enrollment applies for 10 or more individuals at $20 per person.

The group organizer or contact person shall send an email to [Please enable javascript.] with a list of the group participant's names and email addresses. The course books for each participant will be shipped to a single location specified by the group contact person who will be responsible to distribute the books to each of the participants.

A definitive work on the Constitution's Militia of the several States.

—Larry Pratt, President Gun Owners of America

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