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Roger Sayles Radio Ranch

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Brent is a recurring guest speaker in this broadcast originating in Ecuador, South America.

  • 11am–1pm (US Eastern Time)

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What Listeners say about Roger Sayles Radio Ranch:

Brent'sway of explaining the Bible really helps me to understand. I love it. It's like going from kiddie Sunday school to the adult version that really means something. Please keep up the great work, I look forward to your show every day.

—Bill H. (Georgia)


Lovely synergy between you and your honourable (pardon the colonial English) associate Brent—educational in the way I love—muchos gracias! (If I have the last bit right).

—"A South-African Boer listener"


Couldn't sleep and once again awoke to listen to the show. I could listen to Brent's life stories forever, what a wonderful gift he has; a true elder, and the world's kids need more like him.

Please pass it on, Thank you

Hi Roger,

Haven't talked in a while and I wanted to say hi and reiterate how much I get from your program. The cast of characters you have accumulated has come a long way. Mike Gaddy is a great addition to the program, I really enjoy learning real history. Brent Winters is just something special. The way that man explains things and brings his stories in to explain the meanings is something I wish I had found long ago. Please keep up what you are doing, as it is much appreciated.

Mr. Winters,

I found you while listening to Roger Sayles Radio Ranch program. It's been 2 yr's or more, and I always look forward to Friday Tasmanian word discussions. Your clear and unwavering faith and understanding of scripture and law, and your style (if I may) are invaluable to a wealth of knowledge not heard by the masses! In closing, …losing your campaign for Congress was the best thing to happen for a lot of souls standing in the wilderness.

—T.E. (Alaska)

Mr. Winters,

I listen to you all the time on the Radio Ranch with Roger. I don't know if I have ever listened to any one with more knowledge on the Bible and the way it should be interpreted as you. Or a man with more knowledge of True Law. You are extremely well spoken and a joy to listen to.



I was listening to Brent Allan Winters solo shows. The discourse between the two of you brings out a passion in him that I don't get when he is solo. Your discussions always enlighten . . . It's like you wind up the rubber band and he takes off (and you get a rest). He's the dynamite—your the fuse. Light him up and Sssheeeewwwww, off he goes. The two of you blend so well and the vast amount of knowledge between you is extraordinary. Please do consider membership for archives. I would gladly pay for it.

—Lauren (a remote location on East Colorado plains)

Dear Mr. Winters:

I have been listening to your views on the Bible, on common law and on life at large initially through the Radio Ranch broadcasts and later from your own website's video recordings. I am greatly aided by your precise understanding of the original words that back up different translation options of the Biblical message.